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With over thirty years of experience, New Age Italia s.r.l. has become a key player in the electro-medical industry, supplying an extensive range of reliable rehabilitation and physiotherapy equipment. Through continuous development and employment of cutting-edge design technology, New Age Italia srl has always succeeded in offering the customer a product that is advanced and fine-tuned in every detail (it is the case, for example, of the latest line of microprocessor-controlled instruments).

New Age Italia s.r.l. has applied the experience gained in the electro-medical sector to the world of sport, fitness and aesthetics, resulting in continuous product evolution that marries tried and tested technologies with innovation and maximum attention to detail.

Some of the most important results of this evolution are our lines Ok Farma, Pocket, New Age, Card, Modul-Line, Farma Gym, Hi performance, Pro Line, Diagnostic. These are lines of highly versatile, reliable, top-quality electrostimulators and electromedical devices. This extensive product range provides a concrete therapy and training support system for all those wanting to maintain in good shape and model their body.

Dedication to research and development and maximization of product safety and precision thus form the foundations of New Age Italia philosophy.

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Italian Legislative Decree No. 46 of 24th February 1997, Article 21
1. It is prohibited to advertise to the general public devices that, according to regulations adopted by Ministry of Health decree, may only be sold on prescription or be employed under the supervision of a doctor or other healthcare professional.
2. Advertising to the general public of devices other than those referred to in paragraph 1 are subject to authorization by the Ministry of Health. Opinions on applications for authorization are expressed by the Commission of Experts provided for in Article 6, paragraph 3, of Legislative Decree No. 541 of 30th December 1992, and comprising a representative of the Department of the Ministry of Health responsible for medical devices and a representative of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Commerce.

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