Farma Sonost 3000

CODE PF1001022


SONOST 3000 is the newest ultrasound devices for bone densitometry measurement QUS (Quantitative Ultrasound)and BMD, (Bone Mineral Density). It provides fast, convenient and easy to use measurements of the calcaneous (heel bone) for superb assessment of osteoporotic fracture risk.
SONOST 3000 is equipped with a display for instant values monitoring. Values can be printed at any time. Measures BQI (Bone Quality Index).
Young adult mean standard variation (T-score)
Age-matched mean standard variation ( Z-score). TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Measurement site: heel bone
Measurement time: less than 15 seconds
Measurement: estimated heel BMD and Bone Quality Index BQI obtained from measured Broadband Ultrasound Attenuation (BUA) and speed of sound (SOS) Estimated index in vivo: SOS (C.V. %) 0,2
BUA (C.V. %) 1,5
BQI (C.V. %) 1,5
Transducer: 25mm-100mm
Separation range: automatic adjustment
Storage capacity: 10.000 patients information
Coupling method: gel coupled )water not used)
Display: 6,4 inch TFT LCD 65.536 colors)
User Interface: Touch screen, keyboard USB (optional), mouse USB (optional)
Printer: thermal printer, external printer (optional)
Power input: AC 100 W – 240 W, 50/60Hz, 130W
Weight: 12 kg
Dimensions: 300x620x390mm

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  • Manuale d’uso e applicazioni
Applications not available.
Technical features not available.
Terapy: Line: Diagnosis Line

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