Lasertron Card

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LASERTRON Card is the new professional instrument for lasertherapy, characterized by the numerous functions and possibility of use. With the head in endowment, the instrument can disburse the laser light to effect numerous therapeutic applications. LASERTRON Card contains 20 pre-setted programs with the most common parameters for the applications and a free space in memory to plan 20 new personalized programs. LASERTRON Card can be fed by electric current or with the rechargeable inside battery. It is endowed with a comfortable handbag for the transport and the home therapy. Laser source 1: one IR 500 mW diode (5 diodes for 100 mW); wavelength: 4 infrared diodes (940 nm) and 1 red diode (660 nm).
Laser source 2: pulsated diode Ga As IR, power 2W; wavelength 808nm. Modulated Frequency : 10/10.000Hz.
Equipped with a carry case for transport and home therapy.

  • Bag
  • Batteria ricaricabile
  • External Power Supply
  • Manuale d’uso e applicazioni
  • Artrite/artrosi
  • Cicatrici /dermatiti/dermatosi
  • Distorsioni
Technical features not available.

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