Tekra Terapix diathermy, or Therapeutic Resistive Capacitive Energy Transfer, is a technique that stimulates energy from within biological tissues, activating natural anti-inflammatory and reparative processes. Its raison d’ĂȘtre lies in the fact that all bone, joint and soft tissue pathologies slow down and alter the biological processes that underlie the repair of the damage inflicted. The idea of transferring energy to the injured tissue is common to many therapies (e.g. radar and Marconi therapy exploiting the antenna effect and magnetotherapy exploiting the Faraday-Neumann effect), yet all other therapies deliver this energy from outside. Tekra Terapix diathermy, however, draws electric charges from the entire body, using the capacitor principle of two opposing conductors separated by an insulator. If the two conductors are connected to an electrical potential difference generator, the conductors will accumulate electric charges that oppose the current until it is reduced to zero and the system is fully charged. In Tekra Terapix diathermy, an electrode is connected to a generator of a 0.5 MHz frequency current while the second conductor is composed of the biological tissue. In the area under treatment, the stream of charge activates metabolism and creates an endogenous thermal effect (i.e. one that comes from inside). If the movable electrode is not electrically isolated, electrical charge is most concentrated in tissues with the highest electrical resistance (e.g. bone and joints), which therefore act as insulators, or resistive contacts. The effects of the Tekra Terapix diathermy are an increase in metabolic activity with increased production of ATP, with consequent faster repair, and an increase in blood circulation and lymphatic drainage due to the heat vasodilation and better oxygenation of tissues and resorption of oedemas. The advantage of Tekra Terapix diathermy compared to other energy therapies is that, since the energy comes from within, it is particularly effective at deep tissue layers that cannot be treated via external transfer of energy due to the skin damage that would be caused by the necessary energy.

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